First blog post

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Second guessing

So today I took a vocab quiz in my Sociology class and surprisingly I was ready for it after only studying yesterday and during lunch and my 5th hour today. When taking the quiz I knew most of it but a few questions kind of confused me so I asked my teacher for help and he helped guide me in the right direction. So I go back change the answers and my teacher was kind enough to help the class and put on the smart board which words we should have. I checked my answers and changed the ones that seemed correct and matched up with words that were on the smart board. Bad idea. Once I started changing things I started rearranging words that were right around with other words. I figured that out when we got done grading our quizzes. Sadly I ended up getting a B when I could’ve got an A. I’m a big second guesser and I do that for every quiz or test no matter what and it ends up resulting me losing unnecessary points. I’m trying to break that bad habit of mines but I know it will take some time. The point of this blog is to not second guess yourself always go with your first mind with any and everything.

Short Story

When my teacher first introduced us the assignment about writing a short story I didn’t know what I was gonna write. My whole mind was blank of ideas and the ones I did come up with I didn’t really like them. I finally had came up with a idea that stuck so I begin writing about it but I didn’t really feel confident about it because I didn’t want my story to be a cliche. The story idea that I came up with wasn’t a strong one. But I`m glad after conferencing with my teacher that he was able to help me come up with another idea, one that didn’t have a cliche plot and something that would be interesting to write about. I cant wait to see how it will turn out since sometime soon we’ll get to publish it as a Ebook and I think that’s really cool!


I think some people fail to realize that everybody handle situations differently. Just because you might not have reacted the same way as that person it doesn’t mean that how they reacted was wrong. People as a whole just need to quit thinking that everyone deal with situations the same. Like for example how people grieve not everyone does it the same nor do they go in the same process order. If everyone grieved the same then that would be weird and it would mean everyone personalities are the same. My whole point is everyone feel differently.

Busy Weekend

The past weekend was so busy for me I had to get prepared for homecoming Friday. I was so tired after school and then it was a long process to get my hair done. My Saturday was busy because I had to wake up early to do more preparations and I was even more tired than the night before. But Saturday I had so much fun it was just a fun night. My last homecoming was well spent. And now on Sunday I became sick but I had a nice evening with my family and I finished up writing my Scene assignment. Having a busy weekend does make you exhausted and in my case sick too.

Powder Puff Game

The Powder Puff game yesterday was sooo fun and of course the Seniors took that win last night! I did Powder Puff last year and it was equally as much fun, but I think this year was better since I`m a Senior. The score was 21-0 and the last scoring point was the interception we had caught at the end of the game. Our defense and offense team was really strong we didn’t let the Juniors get any yards or score anything at all that night. I was on offense and my position was a Lineman. I really enjoyed my position because I got to make sure that the other team didn’t cross over the line, and couldn’t take the running back flag. The whole atmosphere of playing the game was just really great everybody just came together and had fun. That was all that matter to me having fun. My favorite part was when we won all the Senior Powder Puff girls and the boys from mystake all ran to the middle of the filed and got into a big circle and celebrated the win. It was just a great night over all and something I can add to my memories of Senior year.

First blog post

This is the first time I ever had a blog so I’m a little new to this. My blog approach today will be how long my day was. I wake up at 5:30 am just to come all the way out to my high school the ride is like too long I’m not even about to count how long it is. Then I get here around 7:50 something wait until my first class start and as the day go on I just go to all my classes.. boring right? And to top it off it seem like the day goes slow for the first half. Not only do I be tired from waking up at 5:30 but I have to walk through the crowded halls of the school and if you go here then you know how crowded they can be. Too many slow walkers. But I can say after lunch the day does go by fast and my classes starts to move along. I am happy that Friday is approaching and it’s a three day weekend coming up since it’s no school Monday because of Labor Day. Now that’s something that just made my day better!