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Don’t you hate

Don’t you hate when somebody when somebody jump in your conversation. Like that is sooo annoying. You can be having a whole conversation with someone else then you have a person add their 2 cents like somebody asked. I get so irritated and just look at them like their dumb. And the worst part is sometimes the person don’t even know what the conversation is about they just wanna jump and be apart of something. I can see if you really have something important to ask but you can wait until everybody at least isn’t in the middle of the conversation. But rudely interrupting isn’t even caused for.

Another thing I hate is when people stare at me and when I look up to see what their staring at they still stare. So me being me I buck at them to get them to stop staring because it’s just weird. It’s rude to just stare especially in a creepy way. But it’s just so many that annoy me.

Net Neutrality

So tomorrow Net Neutrality could be gone and the FCC is determined to end it. If you don’t know what Net Neutrality means then I’ll explain. Net Neutrality is what we have now we get to use the internet freely and have censorship for the websites we are able to access. Without that there will be extra fees, and we won’t be able to access websites freely nor will we have censorship. All your favorite websites and apps you won’t be able to access without a fee. That includes apps too like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc it will be a fee. They also will be able to control and allow us to see what they want us to see.

Which can be dangerous because all that’s happening in this world they might not want us to know about it so we won’t be able to see it. Crazy I know right. But that’s a issue. And it’s a issue for the people who aren’t even aware of Net Neutrality. They are totally oblivious to what’s going on and need to wake up! Phone carries like AT&T and VERIZON are all for taking away Net Neutrality because their greedy and just want money. If you care about Net Neutrality I advise you to research and sign petitions and contact your local representative we can’t let them take control. We have until tomorrow to at least try and make a difference and put a stop to this.

Book publishing

So I forgot to blog about this last week. So last week on Wednesday we had our book release party and it was so much fun. Everyone’s book covers looked good and the people who said poems did really good. I was excited because this was he first time I actually got to published something I wrote, and it was amazing. I was glad that my family was able to come and support me they all bought a book too. Plus they enjoyed my book. But it didn’t even matter to me about how many people bought it the experience of saying I have a book published was so much better. It felt really good to be able to get on Amazon Kindle and search for a book in my name. I hope sometime in the future I’ll be able to publish more books. I feel like taking this creative writing class helped me grow so much as a writing and it really showed how much I grew in my short story. I can’t wait t continue writing and see how far I can go in life with it. Writing has always been something I was interested in and this semester I realized how much I really enjoy it.


It seem like forever since I made a blog entry I felt like today was a perfect day to get back on track to blogging.

Lately I’ve been having a bad case of senioritis. I haven’t been having the energy to do anything school related at all none whatsoever. I just wish I could magically be done with homework and classwork without having to do anything, but sadly it doesn’t work like that. Good thing winter break is coming up soon. And I realized we only get 12 days off for winter break which is not a full two weeks that means our break is cut short. I’m not happy about that. But then again this school year has been going by really fast I remember when it was just the first day. Now it’s December 5 months until graduation! Sounds like a long time but it’s really not. I don’t think my senioritis will be cured until the last day of school for us Seniors. But until that day I guess I’ll just have to keep myself motivated to continue finishing this semester with good grades and have that same attitude for next semester.

You never know..

Recently this week when I was on social media I kept seeing a few people posting this girl and saying RIP. I didn’t know who she was or never saw her but that didn’t matter I still prayed for her family and to have God be with them through this rough time. And just today I was on Twitter and I saw a post saying that the girl committed suicide. I instantly became sad. It just goes to show you never know what an person is going through. They can look happy on the outside but if their not on the inside that doesn’t matter. Depression is really real. It just doesn’t go away over night or in a day. Sometimes it may never go away. I feel like people think that just because a person have it all on the outside that nothing may be wrong with them, which is really wrong. That person can have the newest shoes or the best looking clothes. But if their not happy does that even really matter? Not every time someone’s gonna say what’s wrong people call out for help in many ways.

Mental health is important if someone isn’t ok talk to them get them help be a support system to reassure them that everything will get better through time.

I know

I wasn’t blessed with having siblings to grow up with. I only have three older ones on my dad side and I barely talk to them. But I look to my three cousins as like my big sisters .We all argue and fight like sisters, but I know if I ever need anything or anyone they will all be by my side. I can tell them any and everything and they won’t judge me. They always tell me what I need to hear even if it’s something that I won’t like. I go to them for advice about friends, relationships, everything basically. My older two cousins are really the ones I go to everything for they always know what to say, and their advice is the best. My other cousin that’s around my age even though we clash she sometimes can be a good cousin. Like for my birthday she canceled her plans to take me and my friend and my other cousin to the flying spider so she can celebrate with me on the day before my birthday. We all had alotta fun, and she mad my birthday weekend even more fun.

Although, I don’t have siblings that I’m really close to I’m glad that God blessed me with amazing cousin like the ones I have.

A first..

Today I read a poem that I wrote. At first I was really nervous because since I’m shy I don’t really like speaking in front of others but I rehearsed the poem last night and this morning so that kind of help with my nerves. I never wrote a poem either so that was another first let alone read it in front of people. After I read mines I felt good about it that I read something that I wrote.

Coming up with the poem wasn’t hard at all the beginning from the song lyric I picked on the scavenger hunt we had in class helped me come up with the rest. I think writing poems help you get out everything that you are feeling and put it into words that show emotion. I enjoyed listening to all my classmates poems everybody had some good ones and you can hear the emotion throughout their poems. Since writing a poem wasn’t too bad I think I might write another one soon.